Junk Removal Keywords:
Top Keywords for Junk Removal Companies

Explore the top junk removal keywords based on professional SEO research.


Keyword Research

Competition between junk removal companies is fierce. As a business owner, you need an effective SEO strategy to continually generate new clients. When it comes to SEO for junk removal companies, you need to know the keywords people are using when looking for the services you provide in search engines. 

Top Junk Removal Keywords

We compiled the best 20 keywords from Ahrefs, the leading SEO software for keyword researchThese keywords are ideal for both marketing with SEO and PPC ads. Note the volume indicates the estimated monthly searches for any given keyword. 

Keyword Volume
junk removal94.000
junk removal near me51.000
trash removal11.000
mattress disposal9.300
junk pick up 8.200
mattress disposal near me8.100
trash removal near me7.300
furniture removal6.300
yard waste removal 5.700
junk removal service4.700
mattress removal4.000
trash pick up service3.800
furniture removal near me3.400
garbage removal 2.500
appliance removal 2.200
trash pick up 2.200
mattress removal near me2.100
trash pick up service near me2.000
junk pick up near me1.700
junk removal service near me1.300

Questions People Are Asking

Here are a few queries that people ask about legal services that might be great blog entries or landing page headings. What is interesting is that most people ask for the cost.   

– How much does junk removal cost

– How much is junk removal

– How much does junk removal service cost

– How much to tip junk removal

– What do junk removal companies do with the junk 

Partner with our Agency

Are you starting a junk removal company or need help with growing your business? Do you need a professional junk removal website? for junk hauling companies? Have more questions about our search consulting? Flamingo Agency is an SEO agency for small businesses including the junk pickup industry. Send us an email or schedule a call and let’s talk how Flamingo Agency grows lead generation. Our search engine optimization consultants are ready to help.

Chris Granat

Chris Granat

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