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At Flamingo Agency, we specialize in powerful yet affordable Chicago SEO services for small businesses. We’re not only Chicago SEO experts, but a small business ourselves. We understand perfectly that many business owners are overwhelmed and intimidated with SEO. No wonder, there are over 200 different ranking factors and they are constantly changing. There are new companies opening up and starting digital marketing to rank higher in Google. Moreover, search engines change their alghoritm every few months causing swings in positions. Search engine optimization is very dynamic and yet in every city there are a handful of companies that are ranking on the top.


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SEO Services

Drive relevant, qualified traffic to your website for exactly what your preferred audience is searching for. A successful SEO campaign starts with a well planned strategy.

Local SEO

Local SEO services can ensure that your customers find your business locally. Google My Business listing is a powerful and essential tool for local SEO.

Small Business SEO Services in Chicago

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Chicago Local SEO

Want more local business? You need to work on local SEO. Local SEO is the process of making your business visible for geographically-related searches. We will put your company on the local map pack and help you target your customers that live nearby. As your Chicago web design agency focusing in SEO, we help you develop and execute your small business SEO strategy. Understand:  Chicago is a brutally competitive market for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to show up in top of Google for any given search term. Search engine optimization is all about strategic planning. You need to choose your battles — keywords you want to rank for in Google. You need to choose your tactics — different courses of action. There are different ways for newly opened businesses, and for those who are somewhat established and have been struggling on Google.

  • Increase conversions
  • Instant results
  • Qualified traffic
small business seo services

Keyword research

The first step of every search engine strategy begins with keyword research.

On-page SEO

On-page is all about content marketing and keyword density.

technical seo

Website structure, internal linking and website load speed are just a few of many technical SEO aspects.

off-page seo

Acquiring links naturally is a crucial expert SEO step, in particular for companies in very competitive niches.

SEO Expert Process

Our search engine optimization process is perfectly designed for small businesses. The process comes down to three things:

  • on-page SEO (website content)
  • technical SEO (website structure)
  • off-page SEO (link building)

While we specialize with all of the above, we believe most small businesses should prioritize on-page SEO above everything else. There’s a very good reason for that. This area provides the easiest and quickest wins.


If you want your potential customers to be able to find your website and your services in Google, you absolutely need SEO. It’s 2019 and we live in Chicago, a huge city where online competiton is brutal. There’s tons of businesses in every industry and nearly every one of them has a website. However, while most of those websites simply “exist” online,  they don’t receive leads or phone calls. The ones that receive leads owe that to their SEO.

Pricing depends on your domain history, industry, location and competition. SEO for small businesses in “easy” industries will be more affordable.  However if your business needs to rank for a “harder” keyword in a more competitive industry, your business will need an advanced SEO package.

Search Engine Optimizaton are Pay-per-click are two main internet marketing strategies focusing on search engine marketing. They are very different from each other and each strategy has their pros and cons. SEO is about creating and optimizing content on a website. SEO results take up to weeks or months depending on the competition. PPC is about creating ads for your clients so they can click to your website. With PPC, results are instant. 

Chicago SEO Services Pricing

affordable seo services for small business

How much does SEO cost with Chicago SEO Experts in 2019? Our pricing is very simple.


$499 / month

  • Up to 10 keywords


$749 / month

  • Up to 25 keywords


$999 / month

  • Up to 50 keywords
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