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How to start a junk removal business? Figuring out your name, business cards, license, business plan is the easy part. Getting your website online is exciting. The real challenge however is to start making money. To stand out on the internet and receive a steady flow of leads in your city is no easy task. There is only one sure way to succeed in 2020. Welcome to junk business advertising in the digital world.

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When it comes to junk removal industry marketing and growing your business, the one best decision you can do is to invest in SEO services. Search engine optimization is the process of having your business listed on top of the search results in your city. It’s an advanced internet marketing strategy that takes time and is very effective. While SEO is the buzz word in digital marketing, be sure to choose your consulting company wisely.

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Flamingo Agency is a web agency specializing in SEO and consulting for the junk industry. Find out more about our unique process. Read about our client case studies and how we ranked a Chicago junk removal company on top of the map.

Junk Removal Marketing Strategies

Learn About Our Industry SEO Process

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Our search engine optimization process is perfectly suited for junk hauling industry companies. Our marketing strategies come down to five steps.  Learn more about our junk removal strategies and tips.

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Local SEO is the process of ranking locally for your services. The companes listed on the top of Google receive the highest number of phone calls, leads and money. We specialize in getting your business rank at the top of your city.

keyword research

Picking the right keywords is the first and most important SEO step. If you get this first step incorrect, your whole marketing strategy goes wrong. We perform advanced keyword research of your market in your city and pick the right keywords that best describe your services. 

on page optimization

Successul SEO is not only about picking the right keywords, it’s also about the numbers, placement and density. On page optimization is an advanced statistics process. Our experienced SEO professionals use expert marketing tools and software.

technical seo

You absolutely need a modern and fast loading website in order to play the SEO game. Structure, internal linking and website load speed are just a few of many technical aspects of a junk removal website design. The quality and location of your website hosting server also plays a big role.

off page seo

Earning backlinks from other, relevant domains is the most advanced SEO step. This is the area in which the top junk companies in the biggest cities excel. Search engines reward them with top rankings. This is also the most risky part of search engine optimization as you can easily damage your rankings with the wrong type of backlinks. 

Breaking Down The Process

Common SEO & Marketing Mistakes Made By Junk Removal Companies

Digital marketing and search engine optimization is very hard, especially if you are in a bigger city with large competition. Read on to find out about a few common online marketing mistakes that junk removal industry companies do.


Filling out your Google My Business listing is absolutely crucial. Everything on your profile needs to be perfecly correct. Make sure you have the right service area, address, business description, categories, services and more. Bonus points. Work on your GMB posting game. If you are focusing in local search2, you need to connect your GMB posts with your website.


Google has very specific guidelines as to creating your listing’s business name. Use only your actual business name for the listing name. If you use spammy keywords to try to rank higher, you are risking a penalty big time. It’s only a matter of time when your competition or a seasoned SEO company reports you to Google for breaking the guidelines. Result? Your listing will be suspended and you will lose everything associated with it. 


Do not ignore your listing reviews. Try to get as many reviews as possible, making sure they feature your keywords. If you happen to receive negative feedback, make sure to respond to it.


A modern website is a big part of the puzzle. An optimized website with SEO tags will rank much higher and attract more customers than a site without any foundation.  Your website needs to load fast on all devices. Search engines reward fast loading and mobile friendly websites in their search results. 

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