SEO Case Study for Cleaning Company

How we helped a house cleaning company rank on 1st page in Chicago


Company: Lakeview Maids

Industry:   Home services

Location:  Chicago, IL


Objective:  Create a lead generation website for a house cleaning company in Chicago

Result:      Ranked for many keywords on the first page of Google in Chicago and sales went up by 200%

Our Work

  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Website design


  • Newly purchased domain is a challenge for SEO
  • House cleaning is a competitive SEO industry in Chicago

There’s hundreds of cleaning companies in Chicago, the third biggest market in the country. Our client, Lakeview Maids, haven’t had a website before. We knew that ranking new websites in Google is always a big digital marketing challenge. After initial research of the house cleaning market in Chicago, we discovered that this industry is quite hard for SEO. The highest ranking cleaning companies in Google have had very strong domain authorities. Some of them even had backlinks from major media outlets. Our client didn’t have a budget for a marketing outreach campaign so we knew we had to come up with a powerful on-page SEO strategy. Find out how Flamingo Agency created a successful digital marketing strategy for a house cleaning company in Chicago.

SEO Strategy for a Cleaning Company

Keyword research

When we began researching the cleaning industry in Chicago, we realized that even though the most successful cleaning companies have strong domain authorities, they were weak with their own website depth and structure. They didn’t have too much content on their websites. Additionally, most of them focused on the same 2-3 keywords. We came up with a strategy to focus on long-tail keywords related to the industry and develop a strong website structure. Another opportunity was local SEO research. We learned that this area has strong potential. With those goals in mind, we designed a new website for our client.

Website design and optimization

  • Designed a light-weight and fast-loading WordPress website optimized for SEO
  • Established website hiearchy in relation to most important services
  • Created an SEO-friendly URL website structure consisting of over 300 pages
  • Developed a powerful internal linking system between 300 pages
  • Set up website security, schema markup and sitemap
lakeview maids seo

Local SEO

  • Created and optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing with keyword-rich descriptions
  • Listed all business services in GMB
  • Created posts and added images
  • Developed a strategy to encourage cleaning customers to leave reviews
  • Acquired NAP citations from most popular local business directories

Local SEO was a huge opportunity for our client. While many of their competitors have had GMB listings, they were not optimized at all. 

Link building

  • Acquired backlinks from industry directories
  • Marketing outreach

Link-building turned out to be crucial for the cleaning industry. We did an extensive audit of our competitors backlink profile and learned what was working well for them. We submitted our client’s website to most popular industry directories. We reached out to local bloggers and digital influencers for promotion. 


Lakeview Maids have achieved massive success with local SEO. Their Google My Business listing is dominating their local area within a few mile radius of their location. They are currently ranking on the first page of Google in Chicago for two of their main services. While house cleaning SEO industry is very competitive in Chicago, Lakeview Maids  hit the top rankings in Chicago for their main keywords:

#15 cleaning services 

#4 airbnb cleaning service

#5 move out cleaning service

#8 green cleaning service

#10 apartment cleaning service

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I knew SEO was successful when we started receiving more phone calls than we could handle. We had to hire more workers! Thank you so much for all your efforts.

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