SEO Case Study for Beauty Salon

2x increase in microblading signups for Milwaukee makeup clinic

SEO Project Overview

Specialty beauty services are popping all over the country. With that demand comes online competition for most popular beauty services. A Milwaukee, WI company asked us to help them grow their microblading business online.

Company: 3D Microbrow

Industry:   Beauty

Location:  Milwaukee, WI


Objective:  Our SEO Agency was tasked to design a new website and creating lead generation for a beauty salon focusing in specialist microblading services in Milwaukee.

Result:      Ranked for many keywords on the first page of Google in Milwaukee and sales went up by 100%

microblading website
microblading mobile website

Our work


  • Newly purchased domain is a challenge for SEO
  • No SEO history
Milwaukee area is home to many beauty salons and permanent makeup clinics offering microblading services. There are many established beauty salons on the first page of results that are ranking there due to their SEO and website history. Search engine optimization for new businesses that just bought their domains is very, very challenging. Why? Google doesn’t like newly purchased domains with no history. They don’t trust new websites until they prove themselves over time. On the contrary, when it comes to websites, Google rewards history and consistency. However, every SEO challenge is an SEO opportunity. Find out how Flamingo Agency created a unique SEO strategy for a microblading company.

SEO Strategy for Beauty Salon​

Keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of every SEO campaign. We discovered all microblading and permanent makeup related search queries in Milwaukee area. We analyzed our competition and took note of what keywords they are ranking for. And most importantly, what keywords they failed to target.

Website design and optimization

  • Designed a visually appealing and fast-loading WordPress website optimized for SEO
  • Set up schema markup, sitemap and website security
Our first step was designing a new website built for best 2019 SEO practices. We chose to design in WordPress, a modern framework great for SEO. New website is visually attractive and memorable. It loads very fast and is optimized with keyword-related tags. We focused on effective internal linking.
microblading local seo


Our Work

Local SEO

  • Created and optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing with keyword-rich descriptions
  • Listed all business services in GMB
  • Created a system to generate Google Reviews
  • Created posts and added images
  • Acquired NAP citations from most popular local business directories

Local SEO for beauty salons offering specialist services such as microblading is a big deal. We analyzed Google My Business listings of our main competitors and their NAP citations. We optimized our GMB more successfully. We submitted our client's listing to local business directories.

Link building

  • Acquired earned media backlinks from industry directories
  • Marketing outreach

Our last and most important step was off-page SEO. Link-building is the most crucial element of SEO for any business. We analyzed the backlink profile of our main competitors. We learned that top microblading websites in Milwaukee had links coming from industry directories and local influencers. We didn't stop there. We analyzed backlinks of the most successful microblading salons in biggest cities such as NYC, LA and Chicago. We did successful marketing outreach and acquired more niche-related backlinks than any other microblading company in Milwaukee.


As mentioned before, SEO for new domains is very tough. After 2-3 months, 3D Micro Brow is now on first page of Google in Milwaukee for 10+ related keywords in their industry. Thanks to their investment in our SEO work, search engines now trust their website and is rewarding them with leads.

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