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Flamingo Agency is a boutique WordPress SEO company specializing in professional WordPress SEO services. View our case studies and pricing.
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Voted a top rated search engine optimization firm in 2019 and 2020 from B2B reviews organizations such as Upcity and Clutch, Flamingo Agency offers professional WordPress SEO consultant services. 

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Being a full service digital marketing firm, we specialize in search engine marketing, local search optimization and WordPress web development services.  Our SEO experts have mastered WordPress and love working on it. We invite you to read more about our pricing and WordPress SEO expert process.

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There are many content management systems out there, but there is only one king. WP sites are created with superior coding language that helps sites rank higher. Compared to websites built on CMS platforms, WordPress websites are always winning the SEO ranking race. Our WordPress website designers have been designing and developing websites on Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly or Duda. We have tested extensively website optimizations on each one of them. There is only one clear winner in terms of SEO optimization. Find out about our SEO services.

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WordPress SEO FAQ

Quick Questions & Answers

Yes. Our Chicago SEO company focuses on all elements of SEO marketing, including content marketing, link building, and technological assistance in order to get visitors to your WordPress website. We provide a comprehensive variety of SEO marketing tactics, from one-time consulting reviews to ongoing long-term support.

Keyword research refers to choosing the right words or phrases describing your business services e.g.: general contractor, immigration attorney or an ethnic restaurant. It’s the most important and often overlooked step, because you have to research and decide which keywords are worth optimizing for.  SEO strategy is crucial. A company has to choose its battles and tactics wisely. There are different tactics for newly opened businesses with no optimization history, and for those who are somewhat established and have been struggling on Google.

We use advanced expert and digital marketing tools that focus exclusively on keywords. Some keywords are out of reach no matter how much a business would like to pay for them.  A newly opened law firm company with no optimization history has no chance of beating top companies that have been investing in SEO marketing for years. Instead, they should focus on easier keywords with less competition until they prove their SEO efforts to Google.

On page refers to content marketing and optimizing a site for the most important search metrics: keywords, density and speed. The right web design technique plays a huge role. While we specialize in all elements of optimization, we believe most SEO companies should prioritize marketing with on page SEO above everything else. There’s a very good reason for that. This area provides the easiest and quickest wins in terms of SEO results and acquiring website traffic from Google.

On page factors refer to content optimization.

  1. Title tags
  2. Heading tags 
  3. Keyword in URL
  4. Number of words within content
  5. Content quality (keyword density and LSI keywords) 
  6. Bold text within content
  7. Image in alt tags within content

Technical optimization refers to website and hosting server optimizations that help search engines index your website more effectively. Search engines give preferential treatment to websites that are properly optimized for technical standards, for instance with a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO.

No. Unlike other digital marketing firms, we don’t believe in locking up our clients in long term contracts. We offer flexible month to month packages.

Yes! We are an award-winning SEO company specializing in both SEO and web design white label projects. We partner with a number of bigger SEO agencies. We only use white hat techniques based on solid digital marketing foundations that help websites rank in search  rankings. We stay clear of any tactics that resemble black hat tactics. Contact us to discuss more.

Transparent and affordable SEO pricing is the foundation of our business. Unlike other top SEO companies, we don’t ask what your budget is and go from there. Our value proposition is transparency. We believe small businesses need affordable SEO services with a unique approach. Instead of asking what your budget is, we display our search engine marketing pricing. We keep it simple, you see what you pay for.

SEO Marketing budget depends on your domain history, industry, location and search competition. Search engine optimization in “easy” industries will be more affordable.  However if your business needs to rank for a “harder” keyword in a more competitive industry, your business will need a higher SEO budget. Chicago, IL is one of the toughest cities to rank in search engines nationally.

Search engine optimization and Pay-per-click are the two main search engine marketing strategies. They are very different from one another, each strategy has their pros and cons. SEO is about creating and optimizing content on a website. SEO traffic results take up to weeks or months depending on your competition. PPC is about creating ads for your clients so they can click to your website. With PPC digital marketing, results are instant.  We specialize in search engine consulting and digital marketing for websites in all industries. Flamingo Agency specifically specializes in SEO consulting and helps companies to show up higher in search results.

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