• Hundreds of people search daily for local services in Chicago.
  • Wesites designed with SEO rank higher in Google.
  • The higher your website is in Google, the more leads and sales it brings.
  • Learn 10 tips that top Chicago HVAC companies are using to rank high Google and do the same!

Chicago would be my perfect kind of a city if it wasn’t for the long winters.

But with our cold winters and hot summers, I’m sure it’s the perfect city for heating and cooling companies.

In fact there are hundred of daily searches for seasonal contractors and service providers in Chicago.

It’s no secret that the companies showing on the first page receive the most leads.

Why are some companies on the first page of Google and get most phone calls while others are nowhere to be found?

The answer is simple: they have websites designed with best SEO guidelines.

Having a website is simply not enough to compete in the market in 2019.

You need to have a website designed with SEO which will get you on top of Google and get you emails and phone calls from customers.

The better the SEO on your website, the more leads you get.

If your website is not bringing in leads for you, it’s not working.

It’s just a fancy business card.

10 SEO Website Tips every HVAC Business Owner Should Know​

The topic of SEO & websites can be very technical and complicated for most.

I will explain it in the simplest and nontechnical language possible!

As an example I will be referring to Chicago HVAC companies.

It’s important for small business owners to understand the basics of how websites and search engines (like Google) work.


You need to know why some or your competitors are always higher in Google.

And why you or others are struggling to get leads from Google.

There are clear winners on the first page of Google for any keyword, so it can be done successfully.

I took a deep look at the best ranking HVAC companies in Chicago.

They must be doing something great with their SEO websites, so why not learn from the best in Google?

The following are top 10 website and SEO guidelines that every business owner should know about.

1 - Title Tags

A title tag is the title of your website that is displayed in search engine results.

Every HVAC website needs a defined title tag that describes the business and its services under 60 characters.

However the title tag needs to be a well planned strategic decision of choosing the most appropriate keywords for your business.

In this example, the company wrote their title tag starting with “HVAC Chicago, IL” as their most important keyword.

The decision proved to be good because this company does indeed rank for first page for the keyword “HVAC Chicago, IL”, even though this is the most difficult keyword to rank for.

If your business cannot rank on the first page for a specific keyword, you should improve your SEO, or add another word to the title tag, or choose a different and less competitive one entirely. 

Remember you have up to 60 characters. 

Examples of long tailed keywords: hvac contractors Chicago, hvac companies Chicago, hvac repair Chicago.

2 - Content

Content is one of the most important SEO factors on any website.

The top ranking HVAC websites have great quality and lenght of their content.

What can be defined as quality of content? 

Well optimized keywords that show search engine what the website is about (eg: hvac repair, furnace repair, air conditioning repair).

What do I mean by lenght of content? 

Many, many keywords.

In the example above, the company has exactly 1116 words on their homepage.

Most HVAC websites barely have 200-300 words on their homepage.

This is the difference between being on the first page of Google and not being there at all.


3 - Header Tags

Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are indicators of the most important content on your website


They are invisible to the eye, they are only seen in the code of the website.

They give information to Google about the importance of your content.

It’s important to use your stragetic SEO keywords for the header tags.

H1 tag should be described as the most important service you offer.

In the picture above, the H1 tag is “Chicagoland’s Most Trusted Heating, Air Conditioning, And Plumbing Company.”

This website has also 10 different H2 tags and 34 H3 tags.

That’s a lot of header tags!

4 - Optimized Images

Imaged should be optimized with SEO-rich keywords.

Images are great not just for your website visitors’ but also for search engines.

Not many know that every image on your website has an alt tag description that describes your image in … words.

Yes, search engines can read your images in words.

You can use those keywords for … SEO!

All things relative, a HVAC website with images will rank higher than a website without images.

A website with 20 images will rank higher than a website with 10 images.

What will rank higher than a website with 20 images?

One with 20 optimized images with a SEO-friendly alt tag.

Look at the image above again.

That is a van on a company’s website.

But if we look closer like a search engine does when it crawls the website, we can see some SEO magic.

This is the code of the website, just like Google reads it:

That right there is a fine example of an optimized image with the alt tag going for “Air Conditioning Service Chicago”.


5 - Mobile First

In December 2018 Google announced that it’s using mobile-first indexing for websites.

What exactly does that mean?

How your website looks, works and loads on mobile devices will determine its SEO ranking.

Not the desktop version.

So if you have a nice website on desktop but your website doesn’t perform as well on a smartphone or tablet, you will have a big problem with ranking in Google.

It’s crucial that the mobile version of your website is not only user-friendly and easy to navigate, but is also works and loads well.


6 - Page speed

Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your website loads.

Everything on your website, from content to images to scripts, makes up the size of your website. 

The bigger the size of the website, the longer it takes to load.

Search engines reward quick loading websites and punish websites that take hours to load.

The smaller the website and the faster it loads, the better it is for your SEO and your ranking.

There are advance measurement tools that give you detailed information on all speed and size data of any element on your website.

All things relative, if your competitors website loads in 4 seconds — your website must load faster than that to outrank him.


7 - Website Security

SSL certificates stand for website security which has an impact on Google ranking.

You can tell whether a website is secured by being able to see the green lock near the address bar.

Every secure website begins with “https://”.

How many HVAC websites are on the first page of Google?


8 - NAP Citations

Every HVAC website must have NAP information which stands for name, address and phone number.

It’s important not only that you have your correct NAP information on your website, but also that is matches with the NAP that you have enlisted in the popular online directories.

Make sure your NAP matches with the one on the most important citations such as Google My Business and Bing Places, so that you will be visible in the localpack results.


9 - URL Structure

URL structure is important because it provides essential information for search engines about your website.

By choosing the right keywords, it add a lot of SEO power.

By creating clear URL categories, the website tells the search engine about its hierarchy of information.

In this great example, the particular page is clearly showing that not only it is about Emergency Repair, but it belongs to HVAC services for this particular company.

Search engines like this, as opposed to a URL structure like below which does no good: http://indyhvacsupply.com/12312.html



10 - Backlinks

Other websites (domains) linking to your website on the web–backlinks–are perhaps the hardest part of the SEO puzzle.

Your goal as a business owner is to have as many backlinks–other websites and online directories–pointing to your website as possible.

The bad news is, that is not the easiest thing to do.

The good news is, thanks to a good SEO audit, you can find out exactly where your competitiors’ backlinks are coming from.

In other words, you can find out which websites are linking to them thus increasing their SEO profile.

You can use that to your advantage and try to register your website in the same online directories.

Let’s take a look at the picture above.

The top Chicago HVAC company on first page of Google has 235 domains linking to its website. 

That’s a great number of referring domains and it’s no coincidence that company is on the top of the first page.

Top HVAC Companies in Chicago

Now that we got the foundations covered, let’s take an analytic SEO look at the top 10 Chicago HVAC companies ranking for “chicago hvac”.

I gave each company a seperate grade for each SEO category.

Rank in GoogleCompanyTitle TagsContentHeader TagsOptimized ImagesMobile FirstPage SpeedWebsite SecurityNAP CitationsURL StructureBacklinks
1fourseasonsheating.comAA (1308 words)A (45 tags)A (38 images)AC (load time 4.5 s)AB (inconsistency)AA (236 referring domains)
2alltemp.comAB BBACACAA
3aircorheatingcooling.comBC ACADABAB
8acustomhvac.comAA BAACAAAB
9myguyhvac.comAB DDACACAD
10chicagohvacrepairdr.comCA ABAFFAAB

Ourtank Your Competitors

Explaning SEO websites is complicated, I tried to explain it in the easiest words possible.

Designing SEO websites that rank high in Google is definitely complicated.

But the rewards are high and prove that the investment brings a return.

At Flamingo Agency, a Chicago web design agency, we service all industries, but specialize in designing SEO websites for HVAC companies. 

As explined in the article above, we have a proven system that will bring your website to the top of Google and get you more leads.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our 5 star Google reviews.

When you’re ready for more leads for your HVAC business, send us an email or give us a call and let’s talk.