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How to start a photography business? Coming up with a business name, ordering your first business cards and figuring your marketing plan is definitely fun. Once you have a website designed for your company, then it gets really exciting because you can show your photography website and portfolio to friends and family. However, as it usually is in the beginning, it’s tough to stand out in the digital world and receive a constant flow of phone calls for photography sessions, weddings, or headshots. There is only one sure way to succeed on the internet in 2021. Welcome to photography SEO in the digital world where successful SEO marketing dictates which company is on top of Google search results.

SEO marketing strategies FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

When it comes to growing your headshot photography or wedding photography company, the best investment you can make is invest in local SEO services for small businesses. Search engine optimization is the process of having your business ranked on top of the search results in your local area. It’s an advanced internet marketing strategy that takes time, however it’s very effective as the top results get the most phone calls.


Flamingo Agency is an affordable SEO agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing services for photography companies. Find out more about our process of ranking websites. Read our marketing SEO case studies and how we ranked a Chicago photography company on top of the local map.

Photography Marketing Strategies

Learn About Our Industry SEO Process

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Our search engine optimization process is perfectly suited for the photography industry. Our Google strategies come down to five steps. Find out  more about our photography strategies and tips.

Local SEO with Google My Business

If you want your business to show up locally, you need to focus on SEO. Local search engine optimization is the process of ranking your website for local customers. The companes listed on the top of Google receive the highest number of phone calls and emails. We specialize in getting your listing rank at the top of your city and boosting your online presence.

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SEO Keywords for Photographers

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Choosing the correct keywords for your website is the first and most important task.  If this first step is done incorrectly, your whole marketing strategy goes astray. We develop advanced keyword research of your business market in your local area and choose the proper content keywords that best describe your services. 

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Website On Page Optimization

Good SEO is not only about picking the right keywords, it’s also about the proper placement, density and number of keywords within page content. On page optimization is a very advanced  process involving statistics. Our marketing professionals use expert SEO tools and software to figure out the right numbers. A photography services business may need a different number of words compared to a business from a different industry, for instance a junk removal business.

Technical SEO

Your business needs a modern and fast loading site in order to play the game of ranking in Google. Site structure, internal linking and site load speed are just a few of many technical aspects of a photography website design.  The locaton and quality of you hosting server also plays a big role for search engines.

Off Page SEO

Last but not least, earning backlinks from different domains is the most crucial SEO step. This is the area in which the top photographers in the biggest cities excel. Search engines reward them with top rankings. This is also the most challenging part of an SEO strategy as you can easily hurt your ranking positions in Google with the wrong type of backlinks. 

Common SEO Mistakes Made By Photographers


Search engine optimization is a very challenging process, especially if you are in a bigger city with large competition. Read on to find out about a few common online advertising mistakes photographers make in Google.

Unoptimized Images

Photographers need to showcase stunning pictures in their website galleries. The problem is that many of those pictures are not properly optimized. An optimized image is not only compressed for size, but also named correctly and has an alt tag description. Google doesn’t read images, it read alt tags which are specialty tags that describe images.

High Load Time

Nobody likes a slow website, especially Google. Sites with high load time are frequently connected with oversized images. All too often photography websites have very high load times, exceeding over three to four seconds, which puts them at a big disadvantage.

Unresponsive Website

A modern website is a big part of the puzzle. An optimized site with SEO tags will rank much higher and attract more customers than a website without any foundation.  Your photography business site needs to load fast on desktop and mobile devices. Search engines absolutely reward fast loading and mobile friendly websites in their results.

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