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Take a look at our website project for a maid service from Chicago, IL.  Read client review.

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Project Overview

Organization: Lakeview Maids

Industry: Home services

Location: Chicago, IL


Objective: Developing an SEO lead generation website for a cleaning business in Chicago

Scope:  WordPress design, On-page SEO

Client Profile

Lakeview Maids is a residential cleaning company serving the north side of Chicago. Operating in a very fierce and competitive industry, the team at Lakeview Maids realized they need a strong cleaning company digital marketing strategy. They wanted a website that would boost their SEO services and help them acquire a bigger market share.

Our Work

Most people looking for local cleaning companies search from their phones. It was crucial that the website was developed with mobile-first design. We made sure each page was highly optimized and all images were compressed for mobile. Each of their service pages was developed with best conversion optimization practices. 

To help understand the traffic on the website, we connected the website with Search Console and Google Analytics. We also linked an SSL certificate with the site for security and ranking purposes.

Today, Lakeview Maids is not only boasting a clean and modern website that gives their brand an edge. Most importantly, they own a powerful lead generation website that makes their phone ring everyday. 

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Client Review on Clutch

The client submitted this review online. 

I’m the owner of Lakeview Maids LLC, a residential cleaning company.

Flamingo Agency built my website from scratch three years ago when I opened my company. They continue to help me with changes as needed. They had me show them websites that I liked and what colors I wanted, and they did the perfect website.

After the website was built in 2017 and I noticed I was slowing down, I contacted them again in March 2019. They offered to do SEO and PPC. They also do backlinks and email marketing for me.

There are three people that I communicate with.

They do a wonderful job helping me. We’re the first one that pops up when people search online for cleaning services in our area. 

The work with them has been really successful; we are at the top of search results. Three years ago, nobody knew us; now, we’re all over Chicago search results and are at the top amongst the biggest companies, even though I just have a small, family-owned business. I actually stopped having them do PPC because we got really busy.

We communicate with them via email. They do the changes that we need right away. We also call or text them. They’re available when we need them.

They show me all of the reports and how many people visit my website. They’re honest and trustworthy. Whenever I need them, they’re available.

No, everything is perfect.

Be really open about what you want. The people from Flamingo Agency will always do the tasks even better than you ask them to. If there’s something they can’t do, they’ll let you know.

" Flamingo Agency designed an amazing website for our cleaning business. The new site looks modern and and sleek and has made our business look professional and current. Their website designers offered fantastic customer service and support, as well as helpful local SEO strategies to help us rank higher on Google. Chris was very helpful throughout this website design process, he always responded quickly to my emails even when they were busy. "
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Ana Petrova

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