Limo Business Website Design & Marketing – Top 20 Chicago Limo Companies

Limo Business Website Design & Marketing – Top 20 Chicago Limo Companies

Limousine services are highly in demand in Chicago throughout the year. There is always an occasion to celebrate in Chicago, as well as plenty of corporate opportunities for a limo service. Whether it’s a  party, a big game at United Center, a wedding ceremony, a quinceanera, or a trip to the airport — you always notice different types of limos cruising on the streets and highways of Chicago.

How do most people find a limo service?  They turn to their search engine for help. Google tells us there are 600 daily searches for a limo service in Chicago. Ranking high in Google is the best source of leads for any business, but it definitely is powerful for a limo business. I did an extensive website and marketing study of the top 20 Chicago limo companies showing up in Google. These top 20 companies take the biggest piece of the cake that is the local limo market.

What makes them so successful? What is it about their websites and marketing that makes them rank so high? What do they have in common? As a matter of fact, as you find out the full list of the 20 companies below, you will find out they have a lot in common!

What factors make a limo website rank high in Google?

Ranking in a search engine is a very complicated alghoritm. While no one fully knows the ranking formula as Google keeps its secrets very well, we do know a big part of the puzzle.

The biggest ranking factors are:

  • Modern website platform (WordPress)
  • Mobile-friendly website (responsive design)
  • SEO (marketing optimization)
  • Content (number of pages)
  • Social signals (reviews, social media)
  • SSL certificates (security)

Modern Website Platform

WordPress, a content management system, is widely considered the best web design platform. It ranks great with Google (SEO), it’s convenient for updating the website, and it is very powerful for custom marketing solutions, such as booking or scheduling apps.

How many top 20 Chicago limo companies use WordPress as their design platform?

10/20 (50%)

Mobile-friendly website

Google announced not too long ago that most website visits come from mobile devices, and their search engine alghoritm will respond accordingly. They will no longer rank websites that are not responsive (mobile-friendly), and favor those that are.

How many top 20 Chicago limo companies have a mobile-friendly website?

19/20 (95%)


Having a small business website is not enough, in 2017 you have to have your website working for you. SEO is all about optimizing the website to show up as high as possible in search engine and thus receive as many leads as possible.

How many top 20 Chicago limo companies are doing SEO?

20/20 (100%)


The more content and pages a website has, the more chances of ranking high in Google for particular keywords.

What is the average amount of pages a limo company website has?

20 pages

Social signals

This is a factor that is rising increasingly. You definitely want your limo website to be integrated with your social media and review platforms.

How many top 20 Chicago limo companies have reviews on their website?

11/20 (55%)

SSL Certificate

SSL is essential for website security and is another ranking signal for search engines. Google favors websites with SSL certificates at the cost of those that are not secure.

How many top 20 Chicago limo companies have a SSL certificate on their website?

9/20 (45%)

How to become a top 20 Chicago limo business?

The research is completed and the pattern is very clear. To be in the top 20, your business requires a modern WordPress website, make it mobile-friendly, run SEO, have enough content on your website, establish reviews, and set up a SSL certificate. The more of those features your website has been designed with, the closer you will appear to the top of the list. Fortunately, there are Chicago web designers for small businesses.

Flamingo Agency focuses on creating websites for small business and making them ready for marketing. Contact Chris Granat for a free consultation for a Chicago small business website design starting at $999, or a marketing/maintenance plan starting at $149/month.

List of 20 top Chicago limo businesses:

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