Website Design for Dog Walking Business

Dog Walking Website Design

Come summer in Chicago, I often go biking and I come across many dog walking flyers posted on street lamp poles or community bulletin boards in Lakeview and nearby Lincoln Park. However, being the observant person I am for any type of neighborhood marketing, I don’t recall seeing too many website addresses listed below a phone number. I definitely don’t remember seeing a memorable and easy to remember website address that I could check out upon returning back home.

Website for Dog Walking Service

Dog walkers provide a very helpful service to dog owners who for any reason can’t walk their dog on any given day. Many people will google local dog walkers by zip code or neigborhood.  Having a website for a local neighborhood dog walking service is an amazing advantage. Those who will be in the top 3 of a search result for any given zip code or neighborhood will own the majority of the neighborhood’s dog walking business.

Marketing a Dog Walking Business

Once you have a website set up, you should absolutely include the following on your website:

  • Mission statement
  • Services offered
  • Areas served
  • Pricing information
  • Reviews & testimonials
  • Contact form


Are you looking to get started with a website design for a dog walking business? Or maybe you need helping with online marketing? Let’s talk.

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