Every small business website has a clear yet different purpose:

  1. Establishing credibility
  2. Lead generation
  3. Direct sales

What is the main purpose of your website? What seems like a simple question becomes a rather complex issue.  The goal of your website determines its design, marketing strategy you will use, and target audience that will become the focus of your content. Having a clear and simple purpose allows you to focus better on delivering your message.

What is the one main goal of your company website? Stop and think about it for a second before you read further.

It’s not about what you are selling, why you are selling, who are you selling to, or whether you sell online or offline. The deciding factor of your business website purpose is when will the sale take place. You run a business to make money. Your website’s purpose is to make you money. How fast can you make a sale thanks to your website? Having that ‘when’ in mind, the following are three clear and different purposes of every small business website.

1- Establishing credibility

2- Lead generation

3- Direct sales

Establishing Credibility

Business industry – Specialized services, B2B, attorney, financial, information technology, medical

Website’s main purpose – To increase reputation and establish credibility

Website’s main marketing strategy – Content marketing

If your business falls under this category, your main goal is to inform and promote awareness of your brand. The reasoning behind this strategy is most likely the nature of your business is complex. Before you can sell, you need to educate your prospect and gain their trust. They will research thoroughly about your business and establish your credentials before making a decision. Your focus is long-term sales. Your main marketing strategy on your website is quality content marketing. You should avoid aggressive call to actions and aggressive lead inquiries as they will only push your prospect away.

Lead Generation

Business industry – Most small businesses, restaurants, beauty salons, property management,  real estate agents, car repair, sports clubs, fitness club, dog walking business, moving company, foreign language school

Website’s main purpose – Generate leads

Website’s main marketing strategy – Email marketing, social media

Generating leads is the purpose for the majority of small business websites.  If you are not receiving any leads from your website either with emails, calls, or in-store visits–then your website is not working for you. Since most small businesses are B2C and fairly straight-forward, their websites will be evaluated very quickly, much faster than the average eight second rule that someone spends on a website for the first time. Your goal is to focus on one thing only and that is placing your call-to-action’s strategically across the website. You want leads so you can convert them into sales. Effective marketing strategies are social media marketing and email newsletters.

Direct Sales

Business industry – Stores, retail, travel, tour guides, yoga, house cleaning services, classes

Website’s main purpose – To make a sale or receive a booking confirmation

Website’s main marketing strategy – Aggressive call-to-action’s

In this case, your business is very straight-forward. Your website runs as an extension of your business as an online store or facilitates making appointments easily. If your customers are open to paying and booking online, your website should absolutely prioritize on making direct sales and booking as easy as possible. If your business is as clear as it gets, do not waste precious website real estate offering email signups or talking more about your business. Focus on the sale!

Are you sure your current website reflects its real purpose? Is your small business website working for you? If you’d like to rethink your marketing strategy, let’s talk. We are a Chicago web design agency focusing on local small businesses.

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